Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Ready to jump into a partnership? Well, hold your horses! Do you both know real estate? Do you have experience? Do you and your partner bring complimentary skills to the table?

Here are some steps to form a great partnership:

Know the skills needed.
Identify skills you bring.
Identify skills that are lacking.
Identify structure.
Approach someone with skills and offer yours.
All partnerships end, and it is the responsibility of partners to know how it will end.

Best Ever Tweet:

You should never go into a partnership out of fear.

Chris Clothier Real Estate Background:
  • Partner of Memphis Invest, one of the largest passive turnkey real estate companies
  • Memphis Invest does over $100 million in annual revenue
  • They purchase over 600 single-family properties yearly in Memphis, Dallas, and Houston
  • He and his family manage over $400 million in asset value for investors from around the country
  • Founder of nine different companies in two industries billing over $10 million in annual revenue

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