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As the #2 overall draft pick in 2002, Jay had his future all planned out. Until one day when he hit a utility pole at 65 MPH on his motorcycle - his life was forever changed. Rather than let his situation get the best of him, he turned it around, writing about what he went through and helping others in their tough situations. Today he’ll discuss how to come back from tough times, as well as giving us business and investing tips. Jay isn’t where he is today because of his athleticism, he truly made himself into a phenomenal business man, someone we can all learn from. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Everybody has a quick fix ideology these days” - Jay Williams


Jay Williams Background:

-Multi-talented ESPN college basketball analyst, motivational speaker, and Former NBA star

-Considered one of most prolific college basketball players in history, and the second pick in the 2002 NBA draft

-While a motorcycle accident pivoted his promising NBA career, he saw the adversity as a blessing that taught him    how to thrive/inspire others

-Now applies his positivity and signature personality to broadcasting, business, and beyond.

-Best selling Author of “Life Is Not An Accident”, a Memoir of Reinvention

-Say hi to him at  

-Based in New York City, New York



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