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AlphaFlow has a new way of doing things vs. your typical crowd funding platform. If you’ve been involved in crowdfunding before, you can relate with having to try to log in and invest in the newest or best loans before other investors beat you to it. AlphaFlow has an algorithm that automatically balances your portfolio for you. Not to worry though, their team of experts are the ones choosing all the loans personally, the algorithm just assists in building a balanced portfolio for every investor. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“There’s no better marketing tactic than a happy, satisfied client” - AdaPia D’Errico


AdaPia D’Ericco Real Estate Background:

- ‎COO of AlphaFlow

- Previously the Chief Marketing Officer at Patch of Land, one of the first debt-focused real estate crowdfunding platforms and co-founded two businesses with women partners

- She is a real estate investor and is currently doing a complete renovation of her home

-Currently writing a book on Real Wealth Real Health

- Based in Los Angeles, California

- Say hi to her at

- Best Ever Book: RIchard Branson

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