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Another great episode to set yourself up for success in 2018. Daren works for ATTOM Data Solutions, a company that tracks real estate data for their customers to use however they wish. The major take-away from this episode (besides knowing how to access and use their data) is that their data shows we are still in an upcycle, with high demand for more supply. Daren says that this may be a great time to sell if you have property you have been holding for some time. We’ll hear more specific market reports from Daren including which markets have great returns,and which ones have become more expensive and less attractive to investors. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Increased Days On Market is an indicator that the market is weakening” - Daren Blomquist


Daren Blomquist Background:

- Senior Vice President of Communications at ATTOM Data Solutions (formerly RealtyTrac)

- Directs ATTOM Media, a division that publishes original real estate reports sourced from the ATTOM Data  Warehouse

- ATTOM Data Warehouse, the nation’s most comprehensive property database

- Executive editor of the Housing News Report, a monthly newsletter published by ATTOM Data Solutions

- Based in Orange County, California

- Say hi to him at:


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