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With nearly $1 billion in real estate assets financed, Craig has been quite successful with raising money. One thing that sets him apart from other groups doing the same thing is he leverages technology. His offerings are still 506c but he uses a crowdfunding platform rather than doing one-off syndications for each deal. Using the crowd funding platform allows him to cut out the some of the middle-men and automate much of the process. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Don’t do a deal just because you have to do a deal” - Craig Cecilio


Craig Cecilio Real Estate Background:

- CEO & Founder of DiversyFund

- The founder and CEO of California Coastal Funding Group, Inc.

- Participated in development of over 1,000 single family residences as joint venture equity partner, lender or sponsor

- Has financed nearly $1 billion of real estate assets, having raised over $100M in debt or equity in last three years

- Has developed and managed over $25 million of residential property (renovations and ground-up).

- Based in San Diego, California

- Say hi to him at:

- Best Ever Book: Law of Success

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