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Kris and Cody went to the same high school, went to seperate colleges, went to a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar, and were hooked. They started immediately putting deals together, purchasing four properties in 5 months. To hear an up-and-coming story of two investors who will be very successful, tune into this episode! If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“I would go to all the community banks or call them” - Kris Kohlstedt & Cody Dover


Kristofer Kohlstedt Background:

-Recent college graduate, just turned 23, retired collegiate basketball player and is a real estate investor

-Purchased 4 properties, 5 units in 5 months

-Acquired mentors and investors, now hunting for apartment complexes to purchase

-Big advocate on the mental approach to life and creative ways to solve problems

-9-5 work is at ABC Financial where I travel the country and train clients how to use our software.

-Based in Little Rock, Arkansas

-Best Ever Book: How to Make Money in Small Apartments


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-Snapchat: Dover23



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-Snapchat: Kris_Kohlstedt


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