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Sean got his start in 2007, obviously not the greatest time to start in real estate. He created a property management company out of necessity and manages 180+ units today. Besides going above and beyond with his property management, he also owns units of his own, and is the owner of a full service brokerage in Chicago. Today he tells us what landlords need to ask to properly screen a PM company, landlording tips, and how he manages time with so many different things going on. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Don’t ever lose sight of the folks that made you who you are today” - Sean Morrissey


Sean Morrissey Real Estate Background:

-Owner/Broker at Chicagoland Realty Group Partners

-Current landlord, property manager, and real estate broker/owner of a real estate brokerage

-Performed real estate related activity for 14 years

-Portfolio of 22 rental properties and manager of 180+ units

-He also assists landlords in building and maintaining their portfolio

-Say hi to him at

-Based in Aurora, Illinois

-Best Ever Book: What Would the Rockefeller’s Do?



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