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Frank and Larry had a third partner in the past, the three of them grew a firm from 0 to 500 agents in 10 years. Once that relationship began to sour, they went separate ways. Frank and Larry tell us what to look out for to avoid getting into a bad partnership. We’ll also hear about their latest business of acquiring distressed assets through their real estate fund. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“Knowing the numbers is crucial” - Larry Friedman & Frank Sanchez


Larry Friedman and Frank Sanchez Real Estate Backgrounds:

-Co-Founders of SDF Capital, real estate investment firm focused on acquiring distressed real estate assets

-Larry is responsible for financially structuring property acquisitions, asset diligence and disposition strategies.

-Frank is responsible for all property acquisitions, dispositions and overall investment strategy.

-Say hi to them at

-Based in New York, NY

-Best Ever Book: Never Split the Difference



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