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Brian was a medical student in college before realizing that was the wrong career path for him. He would skip class and go to to bookstores, it was there he came across Rich Dad Poor Dad. After reading that book, like many of us Brian had the real estate bug. Years later, he’s a published author, public speaker, and real estate investor with his own portfolio as well as managing properties for other investors. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“You want to be able to calculate the renovation cost in your head” - Brian Persaud


Brian Persaud Real Estate Background:

-Broker and Owner of Brian Persaud Real Estate Team

- He’s covered over 70 real estate topics on his highly acclaimed television show, “Inside Toronto Real Estate.”  

- Continues to share his real estate expertise on shows including HGTV’s “Income Property.”

- Wrote the book on Toronto real estate, a best-seller on Amazon

- Managing single family residential homes to multi-unit apartment buildings, to hi-rise and subdivision development

- Based in Toronto, Ontario

- Say hi to him at

- Best Ever Book: Extreme Ownership


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