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Ben has been building his real estate portfolio since 2010, and is here today to walk us through his process for evaluating and underwriting a value-add syndication. As an aerospace engineer, Ben is very thorough and methodical in his approach to underwriting, which is a fantastic as a listener looking to learn more about the value-add apartment syndication process. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“The cops were advised to stay away from the property” - Ben Risser


Ben Risser Real Estate Background:

  • Syndicator of commercial real estate and business consultant
  • Began building real estate business in 2010 and has syndicated $7 Million in commercial real estate
  • Based in Lititz, PA
  • Say hi to him on Facebook and LinkedIn as “Ben Risser”
  • Best Ever Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad


A couple of notes from Ben:


“One thing I stated that I would clarify, regarding being conservative on rental upside.  I underwrite to a lower upside until I have more experience in a given market, or have collected a sufficient quantity and quality of data to increase the statistical confidence in the rental upside estimate.”


His revised “Biggest Mistake Ever in Real Estate” answer:


"Buying a fixer upper house, under the condition with your wife, that you'll renovate it to what she wants, and then having two more kids."


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