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We have one of the foremost experts on real estate syndication law on the podcast today! Mauricio was nice enough to do an interview and help us all learn more of the technical side of a syndication deal. One huge takeaway: are you offering a security and not even know it? You may be surprised by the answer.


Best Ever Tweet:

[spp-tweet tweet="“If you have a note that’s less than 9 months, that’s not a security” - Mauricio Rauld "]


Mauricio Rauld Real Estate Background:

  • Founder of Premier Law Group, specializing in counsel to real estate syndicators
  • Nationally recognized expert on real estate syndications
  • Takes complex matters and makes them simple to understand
  • Based in Newport Beach, CA
  • Get your free 8 Critical Steps To Practicing Safe Syndications Report by emailing and typing “Fairless” in the subject line
  • Say hi to him at


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