Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF159: The Future of Crowdfunding and What It Means to YOU

Welcome to the Future. 

It’s one thing to predict the future. It’s another to predict it THEN give actionable advice on how to take advantage of the prediction.

In episode 2 of 4 of our Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever series, today’s Best Ever panel discusses the future of crowdfunding AND what you should do about it in order to grow your business. 

Let’s go!

Best Ever Panelists:

-        Jason Fritton, Co-Founder and CEO, Patch of Land

-        Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO, American Homeowner Preservation

-        Steve Cinelli, Founder and CEO, PRIMARQ

-        Lew Feldman, Partner in Goodwin Procter’s Real Estate Capital Markets Group 

Here’s the futuristic stuff you’ll discover in today’s episode…

-        Bold predictions about the expansion of crowdfunding

-        The two things that could kill all the crowdfunding momentum

-        How states will help lead the way to new crowdfunding legislation

-        The billion dollar lesson from the original crowdfunding platforms

-        The rise of international investing and its implications

And, if you didn’t hear listen to Episode 1 of this series that gives you answers to EVERY crowdfunding question then go check that out now!

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