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JF175: The Next BIG THING in Real Estate Technology Is…

We’re speaking to one of the leading real estate entrepreneurs and technology innovators and he is going to share with you the NEXT BIG THING in real estate technology. Let’s go!


Best Ever Tweet:


It takes time for things to change.


Dave Eraker’s real estate background:

-        Serial entrepreneur with an interest and focus on the intersection of economics and applied technology

-        Co-founder at Surefield  and is based in Seattle, Washington

o   Surefield is a full-service brokerage that has virtual tour technology that builds virtual models of homes allowing house hunters to navigate a property inside and out from their computers

-        As the founder and CEO of Redfin, he led the product development efforts for a new web-based form of map search and developed a salaried model for residential real estate agents

o   Company received the Innovator of the Year award by Inman News


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