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JF194: Here’s How to FUND Your Next FLIP_Episode 2 of 4

Learn advanced strategies for how to FUND your next FLIP. This is part 2 of our 4 part series so if you haven’t hear our episode #1 go check it out now because you need to know how to find the darn thing before you fund it!

In today’s episode you’ll hear about how to FUND the best flippin’ deals.


Best Ever Flippin’ Panelists:

·        Nasir El-arabi,

·        Justin Williams,

·        Mike Hambright,

·        Doug Cochrane,


Some of the powerful strategies you’ll discover:

·        Should we focus on the interest rate? NOPE. Learn why…

·        Why it’s important to befriend the raggedy pick-up truck guy

·        Different sources of finding funding for your deals

·        Why it’s important to focus on getting deals and NOT money  



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