Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Michael’s background was in chemical engineering and after a while, he got tired of the rat race and started to find an interest in real estate. He began by first flipping small duplexes and now has grown the company to millions in assets. His company is now at 300 units, with a mix up of 10-12 buildings. In the beginning, he started out financing his deals with local banks by building relationships with them but more recently have partnered with Goldman Sachs to fund future deals. 

Michael Merideth Real Estate Background:

  • Co-founder of Verius Property Group, a real estate development company
  • His role is strategic planning
  • Started flipping small duplexes, has grown the company to millions in assets
  • Based in New Orleans, LA
  • Say hi to him at

Best Ever Tweet:

“Not getting to recreative and out the box to create something because, in the end, you’re protecting an investment whether it’s yours or a co-investment amongst other people it’s to make sure that the numbers are what they are.” - Michael Merideth

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