Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Daniel and Jessie are engaged and have been investing in real estate for the past 3 years. They are also the owners of OACP Property Management, together they own 7 units and manage 5 others through OACP. In this episode, we discuss how the coronavirus has impacted their business in short term rentals as this is the majority of their revenue. Daniel and Jessie have decided to cater to the traveling nursing demographic which has been helping them stay afloat during this pandemic.

Daniel Purcell & Jessie Campora (Fian) Real Estate Background:

  • Owners of OACP Property Management
  • 3 years of real estate investing experience 
  • Owns 7 units and manage’s 5 others through OACP
  • From New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Say hi to him at   




Best Ever Tweet:

“Stay flexible, don’t be caught in a fixed mindset. There is something out there that you're able to do to help your situation or others.” - Daniel Purcell & Jessie Campora

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