Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Minesh started negotiating and selling real estate at 16 years old with his dad and since then he has helped his investors purchase £20m with this strategy. At a young age, he feels he was able to negotiate great deals because he had no fear of losing a deal. He discussed a useful strategy he used before the 2008 crash. Minesh shares his current strategy of focusing on REIT, real estate investment trust that helps him create cash flow.

Minesh Bhindi Real Estate Background:

  • Started negotiating and selling real estate at 16 years old, with his dad, they pioneered a unique no money down transaction in the UK
  • Helped investors purchase over £20m with this strategy
  • Based in London, UK
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Best Ever Tweet:

“It’s very important with any investment to get the fees down as low as possible.” - Minesh Bhindi

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