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Nate is the Co-founder of School Dispatch and has been investing for 4 years with a portfolio consisting of 28 units in 3 states. Nate’s goal is to have 100 doors in 10 years before taking money from his properties. So far during his progress, he has faced the challenge of de-converting a duplex into a single-family home and also the fortune of finding a miss-marketed deal which helped them snag a winner. 


Nate Shields Real Estate Background:

  • He is the co-founder of School Dispatch
  • Has been Investing for 4 years
  • Portfolio consists of 28 units in 3 states
  • He has also flipped 6 properties
  • Based in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Say hi to him at his Youtube channel: Dude Real Estate
  • Best Ever Book: Zero to One by Peter 



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Best Ever Tweet:

“Investing in a single-family home to a 20 unit isn’t as difficult as it may seem. At the end of the day, it's just bigger numbers” - Nate Shields

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