Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Pankaj is a second-generation multifamily owner and operator with 20 years of experience in real estate. When he was young he was helping his father with properties, cutting grass, painting, and whatever was needed in terms of maintenance. He discusses the biggest deal he has ever done which was 800 units 5 properties. 


Pankaj Sharma Real Estate Background:

  • Second generation multifamily owner/operator with 20 years experience
  • Personal portfolio consist of 2000 units in 5 major cities
  • Host of KarmaKast - and YouTube’s Sharma’s Karma 
  • Based in Spring City, PA
  • Say hi to him at:  



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Best Ever Tweet:

“Patience, it's a long term game, it's not to get rich overnight. Consistency and Patience.” - Pankaj Sharma

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