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Andrea is a real estate investor, author, and educator. She has completed 100’s of deals across the United States and continually shares her knowledge with new investors. She has completed numerous wholesale deals, rehabs, lease option deals, private money lending deals, and owns a number of rental properties. Andrea always has constant new deals in the pipeline. She is always growing their retirement money through deals with other investor partners. Even living in Colorado, she has completed deals in twelve other states.


Andrea Weule Real Estate Background:

  • Full time real estate investor and President of Archway Investment Corp 
  • 13 years of investing experience
  • Currently holds 24 rental properties and has completed over 500 deals; wholesale, flip, lease options, etc.
  • Based in Englewood, CO
  • Say hi to her at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Doing Good Better



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Best Ever Tweet:

“One good thing about being a wholesaler is you get to keep the really great deals for yourself and pass the good deals to others” - Andrea Weule

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