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Jack is the President & Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate and also a returning guest from episode JF1252. Before he started into real estate, Jack started off by selling products for a multi-level marketing company, taking him 9 months to make his first commission check of $14...and after sticking it through and learning the business his business is now generating around 20 million in sales. In this episode, he goes into a sticky situation that he recently ran into by working with a company and finding out he was receiving “fake” rent checks.

Jack Gibson  Real Estate Background:

  • President & Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate
  • Returned guest from episode JF1252
  • Portfolio consists of 80 turnkey properties
  • Based in Indianapolis, IN
  • Say hi to him at:



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Best Ever Tweet:

“The number one lesson I have learned is to trust, but verify” - Jack Gibson

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