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Shannon is a full-time real estate investor and developer with over 21 years of investing experience. He has a portfolio that consists of buildings, police departments, fire stations, city halls, residential, and much more. Shannon focuses on developing syndications from the ground up for his investors and today he shares his journey into this niche.

Shannon Robnett  Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time real estate investor and developer
  • Investing for over 21+ years
  • Portfolio consist of office buildings, police depts, fire stations, city halls, subdivisions, residential, commercial, & industrial
  • Based in Nampa, ID
  • Say hi to him at:  
  • Best Ever Book: Never Split the Difference 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Starting over wouldn’t be the end of the world because I would put one foot in front of the other and start building” - Shannon Robnett


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