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Rebecca Walser is one of the few Top 100 US Advisors who is also a tax attorney, so she has a completely different perspective on personal finance. She is also a best-selling author and wealth management firm founder and is a regular on Fox Business who has also been featured in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, and Yahoo Finance.

Rebecca Walser Real Estate Background:

  • Wealth Strategist, CFP, Tax Attorney, 2X Top 100 U.S. Advisor by Investopedia
  • Best selling Author of the book “Wealth Unbroken”
  • Podcast Host - Crashes and Taxes
  • Frequently on national media such as Fox News, Business, Yahoo and more
  • Based in Tampa, FL
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Best Ever Tweet:

“I’m not just a tax lawyer, I’m a financial person who wants to do tax and finance together.” - Rebecca Walser


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