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JF226: Why ONE Block Can Determine How Successful YOUR Next Investment Is

In a climate where everyone in Washington D.C. seems corrupt, we seem to have stumbled upon one of the few who is as honest as can be. Listen up, because today’s Best Ever guest shares with us what the housing market looks like from Capitol Hill, some alternative mortgages you may not know about and what you can do NOW to maximize cash flow in the future.


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You need to know block by block, what’s happening in the area you want to invest.


Lorraine Woellert’s real estate background:

-          Senior Correspondent at Redfin based in Washington D.C.

-          She writes about the housing market and industry policy

-          Prior to joining Redfin, she was a reporter at Bloomberg News most recently covering the U.S. economy

-          She is a real estate investor

-          She has appeared on Bloomberg Television, CNBC and C-Span

-          Say hi to her at and on Twitter @woellert


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