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John is a returning guest from episode JF1630, he has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate investment, lending, development, construction, consulting, and marketing. He currently serves as the COO, Founder/Partner at JID investments LLC. He is also a passionate and accomplished United States Naval Officer & Naval Aviator with 20 years of honorable active duty service. Today he will be sharing his experience in starting his first OZ fund investment project.

John Rubino Real Estate Background: 

  • Founder, COO & Co-Managing Partner of JID Investments LLC (JIDI)
  • 15 years of active and passive real estate investing experience
  • JIDI portfolio consist of over $14.5M invested in six projects in DC, North Carolina, South Carolina and Atlanta
  • Based in Fairfax, VA
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Best Ever Tweet:

“As a capital investor, you can take your capital gains and invest them into an Opportunity Zone with deferment” - John Rubino

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