Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

While working full-time, Kevin Galang and Adam Ulery are active real estate investors. Adam prefers to build his portfolio by being a syndicate partner, while Kevin primarily focuses on notes.

Prioritizing and finding a balance is the key when pursuing multiple directions. Kevin works from home, and Adam has a lot of flexibility as a consultant. They both utilize their free time to tackle and execute their real estate objectives and share their knowledge on a podcast show of their own.

Kevin Galang and Adam Ulery  Real Estate Background:

  • Kevin is a full-time software sales engineer and Adam is a business agility coach
  • 6 years of combined experience in real estate
  • Kevin’s portfolio consists of 4 performing notes and 1 nonperforming note
  • Adam’s portfolio consists of 308 doors across 6 properties
  • Based in Tampa Bay, FL
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  • Best Ever Book: Can't Hurt Me




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Best Ever Tweet:

“You need to understand how you want the system to run. A system isn’t just magically going to make your life better.” - Kevin Galang.

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