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Elisa Zhang is the owner/principal of 1000+ unit apartment buildings via 1031 exchange and syndication. After quitting her day job to invest in real estate full-time, she is passionate about teaching others to do the same. She now focuses her time and expertise on helping typical nine-to-fivers to quit their job in 10 years or less.

Elisa Zhang Real Estate Background:

  • Quit her W2 in November 2019 to go full-time into syndication and education
  • 11 years of real estate experience
  • Portfolio consists of 8 properties as a general partner and over 1,000 units in Phoenix & Dallas.
  • Also passively invest in an additional 1,000 units
  • Based in Seattle, WA
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Best Ever Tweet:

“Get out there and do it” - Elisa Zhang

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