Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

After leaving the Marine Corps, Megan used the GI Bill to finance her MBA. With her savings, she and her husband invested in their first house. When they moved into their second home, they rented it out and then sold it. They acquired and flipped several types of properties since then.

A career in real estate gave Megan the flexibility she needed to spend more time with her family. Just a few years into this business, she now has an impressive portfolio. Megan also hosts a local real estate meetup that has awarded her new professional relationships and opportunities.

Megan Greathouse Real Estate Background:

  • Real estate investor and mom
  • In 2019 she left her W2 to focus on family and building her real estate portfolio
  • She started by turning her first home into a rental in 2015 & buying her first outright rental in 2017
  • Portfolio consist of 10 rental units, farmland, 2 flips, & 1 wholesale
  • Based in St. Louis, MO
  • Say hi to her at:



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Best Ever Tweet:

“There’s a lot of power in having a very strong network” - Megan Greathouse.

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