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Gary’s father’s death pushed him into the real estate investment path. In 2007, he emigrated to Canada from the UK, and that’s when he got serious about doing real estate full-time.

Utilizing his electrical engineering background, Gary became an owner and a contractor of several single-family properties. Through joint venturing, he managed to create a portfolio, eventually refinancing and moving on to a different phase of his life.

Gary Spencer-Smith  Real Estate Background:

  • A full-time investor for the past 8 years
  • 20 years of investing experience
  • The portfolio consists of 24 single-family homes, 5 cabin holiday resort, 110 person restaurant, houseboat, and converted a 24,000 sqft dealership into offices, storefronts, storages, and a warehouse,
  • Based in British Columbia, Canada
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  • Best Ever Book: Sapiens




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“I looked at what real estate could do for my life, and that was like a switch.” - Gary Spencer Smith.

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