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In 2010, Sharad started looking for a source of passive income. That’s how he bought his first investment property. A couple of years later, he built a real estate portfolio that allowed him to quit his job as an accountant and become a full-time investor.

His business is now 60% wholesale and 40% retail deals. Now that his business is scaled and streamlined, he started looking for new venues. His company, REsimpli, was built to manage various parts of his business. Now creating a one-stop business solution is his main focus. Having a superstar team allows him to run three successful businesses at the same time.

Sharad Mehta Real Estate Background:

  • Founder and CEO of, a business in a box for real estate investors
  • 10 years of investing experience
  • Portfolio consists of 75 units 90% free & clear and completed 600 deals in the last 10 years
  • Based in Toronto, CA
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  • Best Ever Book: Book of Joy




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Best Ever Tweet:

“The goal is always to keep scaling” - Sharad Mehta.

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