Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Chad quit engineering because it pigeonholed him into a very narrow career path. Real estate, however, offered him plenty of opportunities without limits. His family had a real estate business, and he followed in their footsteps.

He started by acquiring a 35-unit multifamily property. It was an off-market opportunity, and the business took off from there. Since then, Chad has taught several classes on how to approach real estate brokers and leverage your perceptual position into getting off-market deals even if you’re a first-time investor.

Chad Sutton Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time real estate investor, formerly Aerospace/Mechanical Engineer
  • 2 years
  • Portfolio consists of 138 units, 5 properties
  • Based in Nashville, TN
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  • Best Ever Book: The Honey Bee

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Best Ever Tweet:

“What you really have to do is build that perceptual position” - Chad Sutton.

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