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Moneeka was aware of the real estate business opportunities since she was a child. Following the American Dream, her parents saved their hard-earned nickels and dimes to buy properties. She graduated college during the recession and started a real estate business of her own.

Moneeka used cash gifted at her wedding as a down payment for her first property. From then on, her real estate business took an intuitive path. 27 years later, Moneeka’s portfolio value is over $12M. Being based in San Jose, California, she specializes in buying executive houses for great long-term renters, and she secures her renters before investing her money into a new property.

Moneeka Sawyer  Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time Podcast host and Investor
  • 27 years of investing experience
  • Portfolio consist of 5 executive homes, also started a ground-up construction project
  • Current portfolio value is about $12M
  • Based in San Jose, CA
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  • Best Ever Book: The One Thing - Gary Keller

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Everybody has stress and money issues. Do you want poor people money issues, or rich people money issues?” - Moneeka Sawyer.

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