Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Chris grew up in a low-income family, but he learned to dream big. His business experience ranged from creating a clothing line and opening a chain of snowboarding shops to working on Wall Street and being one of his firm’s top three financial advisors.

After the stock market crash, Chris started focusing on his real estate portfolio, which was more of a side project at the time. By 2014, he had a sizable portfolio and several other things in the works. Unfortunately, that’s when he learned that banks aren’t always friendly, so he started to find ways to fund his ventures by becoming his own bank. Now Chris mentors others and helps them take charge of their finances.

Chris Naugle  Real Estate Background:

  • Co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy, The Money School, and Money Mentor
  • 16 years of real estate investing experience
  • Portfolio consists of 500+ real estate deals - flips, wholesales, rentals
  • Based in Buffalo, NY
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Profit First

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Best Ever Tweet:

“If we didn’t need a conventional bank anymore, what would life look like?” - Chris Naugle.

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