Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Theo is on the podcast to discuss what it takes to become one of the nation’s top companies. Founding a company without any prior experience is a challenging concept to fathom with no one to turn into when unforeseen situations occur. With a majority of companies being founded at a young age, the Founder Syndrome is something to be expected when scaling is at stake— coming from an abrupt success with little to no foundation. From the presentation made by the Co-Founder and CEO of Spartan Investment Group, who experienced 1,479% growth in 2020, any company with the grand ambition to scale should know the three tips to be at the top-most echelon.

Define your culture, develop your plan, and create your team. How can you effectively utilize these points to navigate your company to success? In this episode, Theo dissects and dives deeper into these three vital points to achieve what you have always envisioned.

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