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John grew up in a blue-collar area just outside of Pittsburg; his family had coal miner and farmer roots. At the age of 24, John graduated college with $200k worth of student debt. By the age of 30, John had a wife and two kids to take care of, and the same student debt to pay off.

Real estate turned it all around for him. His goal was to attain $20k in passive income, and he pursued it one house after another while having a full-time job as a chiropractor. Later he wrote a book called “The Wealthy Gardner” where he talked about winning financially and taught others life lessons on prosperity.


John Soforic Real Estate Background:

  • Attained a net passive income of 20,000/month
  • Now a full-time property manager and author
  • 25 years of real estate experience
  • Portfolio consists of 110 doors freely owned (no loans), and has flipped 75 properties while working full-time
  • Based in Mount Pleasant, PA
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: The Checklist Manifesto




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Best Ever Tweet:

“I stopped reading books that I liked. I stopped watching TV that I liked. You sacrifice.” - John Soforic.

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