Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

For 10 years, Dan participated in many industries, landing him in the hospitality industry and They layer a full online leasing platform that covers the entire transaction: find the place you want to live, apply, get screened, pay rent, and submit maintenance requests through the platform. In today’s episode, Dan will discuss the best practices to ensure the apartment rental business continues to succeed during uncertain times.


Dan Russotto Real Estate Background: 

  • Vice President of Product at
  • 25+ years of extensive startup & Fortune 500 experience
  • Based in Atlanta, GA
  • Say hi to him at

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Best Ever Tweet:

“One of the big things we wanted to try to accomplish with this rental tool was to ease the chief complaints of our renters, which is not having to pay multiple times for our screening and only getting a soft credit check instead of a hard credit check.” - Dan Russotto

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