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Bronson is the founder and CEO of Bronson equity. Bronson began investing in real estate 13 years ago, first developing a solid single-family portfolio before moving on to multifamily. He’s an expert dedicated to educating practitioners and business owners about how to gain financial independence by fully passive investing. Bronson is now the General Partner for 225 houses, and he is adamant about spreading the word about the advantages of passive investments in multifamily syndications. Bronson shares his first investment property story and how his mentor constantly pushed him to improve as an investor.


Bronson Hill Real Estate Background: 

  • Founder and CEO of Bronson Equity
  • 15 + years’ experience
  • Portfolios consist of 800 units as a GP, and over $60M of multifamily real estate
  • Based in Pasadena, CA
  • Say hi to him at:  

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Best Ever Tweet:

“If you make yourself valuable to valuable people, you will find a place for yourself in any industry.” – Bronson Hill

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