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Anthony Faso is a self-proclaimed recovering CPA who transitioned his financing firm towards infinity banking when the global financial crisis happened on 2008. Cameron Christiansen was a small business owner whose life was changed after reading a book by Nelson Nash. Together, they help clients utilize an infinite banking strategy to secure cash-flowing assets and create a passive income. Initially, flipping raw land was something novel and rigorous to finances for them. Infinity banking is not just for you but also something you want to leave as a legacy for the next generations to come. Today, Anthony and Cameron discuss on how to leverage infinity banking to achieve your goals.


Anthony and Cameron Christiansen | Real Estate Background 

  • Full-time financial advising
  • 10 years experience in real estate
  • Cameron’s portfolio consists of raw land
  • Anthony’s portfolio consists of flipping raw land and rentals 
  • Based in Las Vegas, NV
  • Say hi to him at: 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Nobody's going to care more about your money than you.” –Anthony Faso

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