Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Although she came into real estate with an accounting background, Lisa Hylton’s first investment actually lost money. She decided to invest in education instead, and that’s when she was introduced to syndicating. Today, she’s talking about industrial vs. multifamily, what qualifications she looks for in an operator, and doing her due diligence before joining a syndication. 

Lisa Hylton Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time real estate investor
  • 10 years real estate investing experience
  • Passively invested in 5 deals to date
  • GP of a fund that invested in 250 units in Atlanta in 2019
  • Portfolio includes 2 multifamily investments of approximately 500 doors, 2 multifamily investments that are currently going full cycle of 600 units and 250 units, and 1 industrial asset
  • Based in Los Angeles, CA
  • Say hi to her at:
  • Best Ever Book: The Hands Off Investor

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