Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Working exclusively with off-market deals isn’t always easy, but if you ask Daniel Sarao, it’s always worth it. Today, Daniel tells us all about his recent off-market deal from his marketing, to how he acquired it, how he made it worth it for the seller, and why he decided to sell it shortly after. 

Daniel Sarao Real Estate Background:

  • Co-Owner and Managing Partner of our investment firm Sesa Properties 
  • Owner of a boutique marketing agency in FL
  • Have Been investing for about 10 years
  • Currently owns a handful of properties and has wholesaled and/or flipped 20+ properties in the last 12 months alone
  • Based in Cape Coral, FL and company is based in Cleveland, OH 
  • Say hi to him at: &
  • Best Ever Book: Profit First

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