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Moving from South Korea at age 18, Yosef Lee always strived to prove himself in a new country. From working multiple part time jobs, to becoming a full time civil litigation lawyer, this father of 3 quickly learned to manage his time. Yosef is talking with us about where he invests his time and prioritization, how he maximized his investments during the pandemic, and his top 6 tips for managing your property managers. 


Yosef Lee Real Estate Background:

  • Currently work as a W2 full time lawyer doing civil litigation. I become a multifamily investor at night and on weekends. 
  • In Feb or March of 2020, I joined multifamily mentorship group/Mastermind with a goal of closing my first multifamily deal in 2020. In December 2020, my first 44 Unit deal was closed. 
  • Current portfolio consists of  44 Unit (JV): Lead GP - Closed in December 2020, 68 Unit (Syndication): Lead Sponsor GP - Closed in March 2021, 63 Unit (Syndication): Co-sponsor GP - Closed in April 2021, 36 Unit (Syndication): Co-sponsor GP - Closed in May 2021
  • Based in New York, NY
  • Say hi to him at:  and  



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