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JF259: How to Use the Internet to Skyrocket Your Business to the Next Level

Now, I know all of the Best Ever listeners know just how important the internet is in growing their business, however today’s Best Ever guest shares with us how to ensure that the internet is used to our MAXIMUM advantage. We also discuss some very necessary things that investors forget when purchasing single-family and multi-family units. So listen up, because we cover all the bases today!


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The best way to learn how to do something, is to start doing it.


Gary Lucido’s real estate background:

-          Licensed realtor for almost 10 years based in Chicago, Illinois  

-          President of Lucid Realty  

-          Focuses on single and multifamily units

-          Worked most of his life in the corporate world, did an internet start-up in 6 years then did real estate


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