Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

With a background in medicine, Stephanie Betters struggled to decide between being a Nurse Practitioner or full time investor. So she decided, why not both? Her goal of owning 3 rentals/child turned into a booming real estate career that she never anticipated. Today, she’s sharing her tips for growing a team with an aligned vision, private vs. traditional financing, and her very detailed due diligence for choosing which syndications to be involved in.


Stephanie Betters Real Estate Background:

  • Full time real estate investor and part time nurse practitioner
  • First flip in 2007, and formed her Investment company in 2015
  • Passively involved as an LP and GP in several large multifamily assets
  • Flipped hundreds of homes, built near 100 new construction spec homes, and wholesales 200 homes/year
  • Based in Charlotte, NC
  • Say hi to her at:
  • Best Ever Book: Good to Great

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