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Who makes the decisions in a family-run business? What metrics are used to evaluate the CEO? What kind of challenges do they face? Daniel N. Farber helps answer all these questions in today’s episode by pulling back the curtain on what being a CEO for this type of investing firm is like. From what his KPIs are to who he reports to, Daniel gives the Best Ever listeners an insider look at how this multi-generational real estate investment firm is run.

Daniel N. Farber Real Estate Background

  • CEO of HLC Equity 
  • HLC Equity is a multi-generational real estate investment firm that has owned and operated real estate in over 25 states throughout the USA, having owned and managed over 7,000,000 gross square feet of commercial, residential, and development land.
  • Prior to real estate, he served in the Israel Defense Forces as a Staff Sergeant in an elite infantry unit.
  • Based in Pittsburgh, PA 

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