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Andrew LeBaron decided he needed to niche down his real estate strategy. That’s when he had the idea to convert motels into long-term stays. Varying slightly from an apartment, Andrew’s motel conversion strategy allows him to cut certain costs and hurdles that typically accompany multifamily properties. In this episode, Andrew walks through the benefits of long-term stays over apartments, the budget differences between motels and multifamily, and how he’s created his conversion strategy.

Andrew LeBaron | Real Estate Background

  • Syndicator, Apartment Motel Owner. His business model is reviewing small to midsize motel/hotel assets, underwriting the deal, purchasing, converting, and refinancing.
  • Portfolio: GP on motel assets: 42-unit, 13-unit, 22-unit, and an 18-unit.
  • Upcoming deal for a 129-unit Motel that he will convert to apartments.
  • Based in: Phoenix, AZ
  • Say hi to him at: | Facebook and Twitter: @andrewinvestor
  • Best Ever Book: Raising Capital for Real Estate by Hunter Thompson

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