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How do you pursue sellers who are on the fence about selling their property? Akam Ahmedi, co-founder of Invest Capital, shares his successful follow-up strategy that has helped him close on three multifamily properties, one of which took two years to close. Akam divulges how he found these off-market deals, along with the details of these properties.

Akam Ahmedi | Real Estate Background

  • Co-founder of Invest Capital, which specializes in acquiring off-market opportunities by going direct to seller and buying properties at highly favorable prices and terms. They value-add Class A and B areas, aim to refinance within two to three years, and give their investors their original principal back.
  • Portfolio: GP of 240 units; $30M in AUM.
  • Five years of real estate experience — entered multifamily one year ago.
  • Based in: Washington, D.C.
  • Say hi to him at: | Socials:

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