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JF276: Why You Should NEVER Offer Big Screen TV's to Your Tenants...Or Else

Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us just how he uses Virtual Assistant’s to be able to put to deals under contract PER WEEK, just why you should NEVER use the word ‘home’ for your direct mail campaign. Also, learn why to never offer your tenants a big screen TV. 



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Although we are buying and selling houses, it’s really about people and relationships.


Kenneth Gills real estate background:

-          Been working in real estate for 12 years and gross revenue in excess of $1M a quarter

-          He is placing two deals under contract a week

-          Does residential and commercial investing and is based out of Baltimore, Maryland

-          Has a team of highly trained real estate professionals who live and work for him full-time in the country of the Philippines

-          He has taken the concept of VA’s to the next level – see behind the scenes at this virtual office here:



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