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For the last 14 years, Simplified Real Estate Investments Founder and CEO Joe Danza has focused on cash flow. After getting his start as a buy-and-hold investor, he and his team are continuing to see returns from those investments, allowing them to branch out into different asset classes while Joe also works two W-2 jobs. In this episode, Joe discusses getting into real estate in the midst of a market crash and how trust is the key factor when it comes to vetting operators and establishing self-management in a market at a distance.

Joseph Danza | Real Estate Background

  • Founder and CEO of Simplified Real Estate Investments LLC, which invests in multiple real estate asset classes including residential, vacation rentals, and multifamily investment properties.
  • Portfolio:
    • LP of:
      • 168 units in Joplin, MO
      • 113 units in Columbia, SC
  • Based in: Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C.
  • Say hi to him at:

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