Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

When Sujata Shyam was asked to transfer across the country for her corporate career, she decided to take 100 days off to consider her next move. 100 days turned into 18 months of traveling and experiencing the world, and Sujata soon realized she wanted a career that would help her maintain this new sense of freedom. She discovered that running her own Airbnb business could provide her with the passive income she needed, and before she knew it, she’d launched a full-fledged real estate career. 

Today, Sujata is the managing principal at Luxe Capital Investment Group, Ltd., an education-based investment firm focusing on multifamily, ATMs, and self-storage. In this episode, Sujata shares why she feels she isn’t well-suited for the corporate world, how she started her Airbnb business, how she qualifies investments for her investors today, and why she believes that investing in real estate should be boring. 

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