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Logan Freeman grew up in the Midwest and got his first job bailing hay at 14 years old. He quickly developed a strong work ethic that led him to excel in athletics. After a successful collegiate football career, Logan played in the NFL, but ultimately decided it wasn’t the right career path for him. Soon after returning to school to earn his master’s degree, he discovered the world of real estate investing. 


Today, Logan is the co-founder and chief development officer of FTW Investments LLC. He is also the managing broker for XChangeCRE, and he is a GP of 1,300 units across four states totaling $130M in AUM. In this episode, Logan discusses the progress and growth the Kansas City market is currently experiencing, how the current market factors are affecting 1031 buyer demand and seller supply, and the piece of advice he received as a college football player that he still swears by today. 



Logan Freeman | Real Estate Background

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